professional audio mastering10. Loudness Maximizer

One of the basic aims of music mastering services online is to reach quite high perceived loudness of the audio. When compression and normalization are used, the loudness of the audio usually grows up noticeably. But if one of commercial records of a similar style is on, we realize that we still greatly lose loudness to it. In this case maximizing is used and it is mainly performed with the help of a device called a maximizer. At the same time rarely can maximizing only via a maximizer be sufficient. It can be reached by means of precise volume grading and some other devices of dynamic processing.

11. Dithering

Dithering is adding low-level noise to the signal before the reduction of its bit depth. The reduction of bit depth of the signal during recording, for example, a 24-bit audio on CD or during its simple conversion into a file with lower bit depth can cause distortion of sound. Some excessive harmonics and other problems can turn up at a low level of the signal. You should use dithering to solve these problems. With the help of dithering you can eliminate all distortions and replace them for constant noise practically undistinguished by ear.

audio mastering services12. CD recording

CD recording is a final step of mastering when ready-made audios are recorded on a master disc from which matrix for copying will be manufactures at a plant. As for album mastering, this step will also include a lot of procedures: making a sequence of tracks, setting the time of pauses between them, creating smooth fading of sound at the end of the audio and there where it’s necessary and so on.

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