online mix and master service as the artChoosing a studio

Let’s get straight to selecting online mixing mastering services.

It’s important to find a place where good acoustics in the control room combine with the suitable monitoring (a set of speakers that provide a more or less fair representation of the sound).

You should have at least two types of monitoring at hand: near field and far field. Over the years, no standards for monitoring have developed, especially for far field monitors. Many people like how Quested monitors sound, others use KRK, Dynaudio or Genelec. Large studios often use custom-made monitors. But one thing is known for sure: an all-time leader among the near field monitors is still YAMAHA NS10-M with a good amplifier.

the art of mixing songsYou might or might not have a couple of extra monitors, but if you are serious about mixing, you should definitely have those at hand. In addition to the monitors described above, a studio can also have small speakers, which are very close to the consumer equipment of subaverage quality. If you have headphones and you know really well how they sound, you can bring them along, but only for checking. Using headphones during the main work is strongly discouraged. It can and will cause mistakes in all portions of spectrum, not to mention that it’s simply impossible to deal with the bottom end if your ears are closed. Many people check the result of the mixing and mastering by listening to the finished record in a car. This is one of the best ways to switch between different room acoustics. If you've found the article useful you may also be interested of checking our online professional mixing affordable rates.