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In EDM music professional mixing services, the role of bass is different from the common one, and the engineers’ work with it is also different from the work with bass in pop or rock music. In EDM it both creates low frequency track base and often plays the role of a leading instrument. Depending on it, during its synthesis mixing & mastering electronic dance music (edm) engineers  apply Sine (for deep sub-harmonics sound) or Saw (for saturated bass line well-sticking out in a track) waveforms. It is necessary to realize that low frequency harmonics have the most energy, and during mixing they can cause overloading if the balance is wrong. So while working with an EDM song, you should check bass balance both on different audio systems and with the help of loudness analyzers. Otherwise, an unpleasant surprise awaits you in terms of distortion after mastering.


edm music audio mastering servicesSince sub-drops also contain low harmonics in abundance, during their mixing you should also keep balance precisely and have in mind the following track changes after professional online EDM music mixing. There is an important point – as far as sub-drops include frequencies beyond an audible range as well, a simple monitoring by ear can turn out to be insufficient so in order to be precise, you should apply metering devices.


Like high-hats, sweeps include most of frequencies of an audible range. They can easily mask scarcely audible artifacts (like distortion) which will turn out to be a side tone that annoys hearing after mixing. If you notice that the sweep sample annoys hearing, there is more likely such a defect, and you would rather replace the sample