electronic dance music mastering services10. Reference tracks are your guides and assistants

The use of reference tracks is a technique greatly appreciated by audio engineers as well. If you are just a novice, it’s impossible to overestimate their role at all. While basing on the sound of commercially released EDM songs during mixing of your works, you set the right direction to the work at once as there are the decades of successful work under the belt of those who have made them. Besides, the works of best online mixing and mastering engineers are a constant inspiration source and a measure of your development.

All described in the preceding items is yet a prelude directly to mixing, preparations that just facilitate the process which is of interest for us. Now let’s figure out the details of what is happening in the studio when the work on postproduction has come into an active phase. The following tips will concern both technical and creative aspects.


EDM music mastering companies11. Start with the most important

As stated in item 8, the online mixing engineer begins building up EDM song with a bass drum as a reference element of the entire song. Consequently, this element is the first to be processed in details. This axiom concerns electronic dance music. In general, the subsequence can change depending on the genre and the EDM mixing mastering engineer’s idea. To make up your mind, listen to a raw project, it will help you to figure out the song structure and to emphasize the main element with which mixing. For example, in hard rock genre, guitars can be a reference element, but not even vocals which is the main one in most other styles. And although music is an uncharted territory for experiments, you shouldn’t ignore Pro engineer's experience – build up your future track around the key element. It is kick in EDM.