edm mixing and mastering services tips15. The best is already in your hands

Do not chase after “ideal” plugins which give that very magic sound to your music – they don’t just exist. Professional EDM mixing mastering engineers “work miracles” only because they have a thorough knowledge of their equipment and operation technique for it. Contemporary digital audio workstations are already equipped with a necessary instrument set, and there is an array of examples when mixing is done exceptionally with these means, moreover, at quite a high level. So save your money and, to begin with, study audio compression and equalization technique in music – your DAW stock plugins and basic device set in the mixing mastering servicestudio will be a perfect start!

16. Automation instead compression

EDM mixing services has an advantage – since you deal with a synthesized sound, audio editing opportunities are practically unlimited. And even if you aren’t a novice at mix and master yet and know audio compression technique perfectly, there are some cases when in principal it’s possible to do without it. For example, it’s possible to fight unnecessary loudness splashes in music by just using loudness automation. This approach is especially recommended by EDM mixing and mastering services tips where sounds have already been hard compressed on the edge of overload – additional dynamics equalization with automation gives more sound transparency.

edm mastering services tips17. Sidechain creatively

Sidechain technique that became literally a cliché in EDM music has a lot higher potential than just fluctuation of a kick-bass couple. Professional engineers apply it in imperceptible doses to increase readability of any track elements while using kick, a synthesizer, snare… whatever you need as a trigger. Keep on experimenting, go beyond standards