edm audio mastering services online18. An eternal question

There are two factions who call for the superiority of stereo analyzers or hearing in audio mixing. But this approach is too one-sided – it’s definitely impossible to overestimate the importance of audio analyzers which have become a fundamental part of any EDM mixing studio, but they are only an instrument to solve technical tasks in music, a support for hearing there where it can make a mistake. Be sure to use them but make a final decision by basing on hearing as edm mixing and mastering is that what is beyond precise numbers.

19. Knowledge decides but not instruments

Do not shift your blame for dull sound on equipment or insufficient acoustic room decoration. The only thing that is important is your knowledge and experience but not the cost of monitors and use of audio hardware equipment or plugins. Quality instruments help in the work but don’t solve everything. Would you like to enhance your skills quality? Then start with detailed study of what you have at hand – your DAW has already been equipped with necessary instruments.

dance music online mixing and mastering service20. Open your ears!

I don’t know why working in a cap came into fashion among novices. Over and over again they take it off to allegedly “check result in different conditions”. Colossal stupidity! This “super-method” gives nothing except high frequency deadening and loads of unjustified decisions at songs mixing and mastering.

21. Give a free range to fancy!

Music doesn’t tolerate standard decisions, and professional online music mixing mastering services is not an exception either. Study techniques and methods; analyze works of yours and others. But only in order to allow fancy to play around when you will be working on a new thing. Top EDM mastering engineers are always open to novelties and experiments – and it makes their works stand out in the crowd