edm mixing and mastering services22. Compress wisely

Good EDM mixing is not when there is a lot of processing but when there is a definite aim of processing. Whether to apply it or leave an instrument without processing at all, it’s also an important online audio mixing and mastering decision which affects the final quality of music sound. The same concerns compression. To “overload” with it only because best EDM mastering engineers constantly harp on compression is not the best approach. Especially in the age when digital instruments prevail. Their dynamics in contrast to live record is predicted very much and flexibly controlled through MIDI. The professional engineer knows precisely when compression is necessary. And if synthesizer sound suits him, he leaves it as it is – lots audio mixing and mastering demos demonstrate this perfectly!

23. Do not come to standstill

Keep experimenting constantly – even if the result doesn’t always rejoice you. EDM music engineers always seek for new ranges of expression; listen attentively to nuances of processing as these details pick out just pleasant sound from extra ordinal one. Try something unconventional in your next track – parallel compression with specific EQ setting, experiment with delays as the art of mixing is a constant search. The exception is an important project or the work with a client who is sure of his expectations. You’d better use proven technique here.

edm online music mastering services24. Learn but not copy

To extend your horizons doesn’t mean to blindly follow others’ work. If anyone has used crazy synthesizer equalization, it’s not reason for henceforth doing the same in each track. Analyze, WHY the EDM mastering service engineer has done in this way but not in another and then adapt technique to your work process.