equalization tips for mixing services onlineStep 3: No “leaving for the end”!
Don’t see the EQ as a solution to all problems of a poor production. The equalizer is a tool that is used during online mixing and mastering services to achieve an ideal cohesion of the parts in a well-prepared song. It’s not an engineer’s duty to fix audio mistakes of the others. The approach “we’ll fix it later in the studio” has never helped anyone to reach the top of the charts.
This requirement applies to both mixing live instruments and electronic music. A small change of the microphone position, a suitable synthesizer timbre or use of layering – and your project will sound ideally. Maybe in the skillful hands of an online mixing music engineer it will even turn into a masterpiece, who knows?

equalizer work in mixing and mastering servicesDon’t be lazy and spend some time selecting the instruments and sounds, and the audio equalization will become a creative process designed to highlight the unique characteristics and roles of every line in a song.
Step 4: About cutting and boosting
Much has been said about it, but every novice has to be told over again – when cutting frequencies, it’s recommended to use a narrow bandwidth (high Q parameter numbers). This is explained by both human ear characteristics and the particularity of the procedure of mixing itself. Therefore, by cutting small portions, we can come closer to the desired sound gradually and gently. Boost, on the other hand, should be done with a wide bandwidth. Of course, sound processing must not be confined to any dogmata, but still, try to start with some proven music mixing and mastering equalization techniques and services provided by your studio will benefit.