mastering track with equalizerSo, when we have just gotten to know the basics, we’d rather move to much more practical zone. Professional online mixing and mastering specialists pinpoint four ways of equalization use. While following these recommendations, you will improve your music sounding significantly – pro engineers indeed think so and process a sound precisely in this way!

So, while working with an equalizer, you can:

– attenuate/remove everything you find unnecessary – annoying side tones and excessive low ends;

– only after that the next stage of online mixing comes – you may emphasize and boost important instrument elements. It’s very significant to follow this sequence. Engineers repeatedly noted that the best way of equalization is more to cut off than add. Whenever you add brightness and character, for instance, to vocals, it’s 100% guaranteed that the mumbling, indistinct low ends if they haven’t been eliminated will contribute their share to unintelligibility of the track;

online studio mixing with eq– change the character of instrument sounding drastically. The equalizer in audio mixing mastering is not only an instrument used for solving strictly technical tasks but also a powerful tool for creative audio processing;

– create space for the other elements. When working on a precise instrument, the engineer always takes into account its interaction with the other tools and, if necessary, cleans the space for “neighbors”.

These are four principles on which equalization in sound mixing mastering services is based. They all were indeed extracted from the knowledge of work of human hearing which has limited range of audible frequencies and is vulnerable to sound masking. And regardless of the genre of the song delivered to the online mixing studio, the work on it starts exactly in this order.