mastering music with equalizerI’m sure, each of these recommendations is intelligible and absolutely feasible for everybody, and nevertheless, sounding created by a professional mixing and mastering engineers differs drastically from the beginners’ works. The secret is in the fact that an ultimate sound is the result of a great many small steps at every separate stage of song mixing. Although each of them separately doesn’t impress you by a cardinal change of the sound, but as a whole they have a fantastic effect. An experienced audio mixing services knows when to follow these rules and when not. Let’s take the guitar in which we have cut off frequencies below 200 Hz. If in any section (for instance, intro or break) it has been deprived of bass support and sounds too dull on its own, the engineer just applies automation of high-pass filter and gives it the cutoff low-end back, and the track sounds weighty again! If we take the song to pieces, separately, 

master music online with eqthe tracks sound defectively as if they lack brightness or, on the contrary, the base. Dead right! An experienced engineer cuts off skillfully everything what disturbs a comfort coexistence of sounds in the song. Another trick – our ear can’t distinguish between many grounds in space that is why music mixing mastering services engineers often resort to a trick. They combine several instruments in a single stem and process everything at once as a layered sound. And only after that, if necessary, they correct separate layers. Of basic elements, the man makes out vocals clearly as well as beat, instruments of the middle ground (guitars, different keys and synths) and bass.  They are focused on extensively in professional audio mixing services. As for the other sounds, they can be taken into account as addition to these groups. As a rule, the engineer takes them up only when the basic elements have been processed.