• Can I try your services before buy

    For newer clients, we totally understand that there naturally may be some hesitation, and so to further solidify your trust in us - we offer a one-time FREE* mastering preview to give you a taste as to what your song will sound like.

    Should you be interested, just simply:

    Make a request via the contact form with a downloadable link (e.g Dropbox, WeTranfer) to your file(s) along with any notes/references you’d like to include. We only accept tracks that are exported in the following format: WAV 44.1 16 bit or higher.

    Upon acknowledgement of your message while receiving the correct file format and references - we will reach out to you should there be any other questions from our side before we begin working on your song.

    Within 2-3 dayswe will send you about 30-45 sec demo. You pay only if you are completely satisfied with the final product. If required, we will make modifications until the sound you envisioned is fully realised.

    * For orders requiring our mastering services for several tracks, free preview is only provided for first one.

  • How to prepare files for mixing

    Turn off / Bypass all kinds of processing except for those that is a part of the sound design.

    Export / Bounce each instrumental and vocal track individually in (WAV 44.1 or 48 kHz 24/32 bit format.) Please make sure that all tracks are exported from the very beginning of the song to the very end.

    Make sure all tracks are named correctly to their corresponding instrument (e.g. Kick, Bass, Guitar,Lead Vocal, etc… )

    Compress the tracks into an archive, indicating the tempo of the song in BPM format in the title of the archive.

  • How to prepare files for mastering

    In preparation of the materials for mastering, please turn off/bypass all kinds of processing that are not a part of the initial mix on your MASTER BUS channel. Any kind of compression and maximization plugins will make high-quality mastering impossible.

  • How do I deliver material

    Upload your tracks to any file sharing service convenient and share the downloadable link in your message.

    Commercially released tracks whose sound you would like us to emulate through our mixing and mastering services will help us to achieve the desired result. Send them in mp3 format as well or share the link on YouTube.

    If you have any particular requests or details of which you would like us to turn our attention to - please describe them in full when contacting us.

  • What will I receive

    Once your project is completed, you will receive an MP3 and WAV file of your mixed or mastered song, along with any add-ons you have ordered.