techno masteringCompression is the process of changing the audio dynamics and leveling out its volume, which makes loud sounds quieter and vice versa. A compressor is essentially an automatic volume regulator.
While recording or listening to the audio, the cheap online mixing and mastering services engineer is keeping an eye on the volume level, reducing it if the sound becomes too loud. The same work can be done automatically by a compressor. That was the initial use of compression. It can also be applied to a group of instruments in order to keep the particular frequency bands at the necessary level at mixing. Later, when producers began to search for new sounds, they started using compressors as special effects.
mix engineer ratesCompression is one of the most important steps in sound processing, as it helps to “highlight”, “densify”, “rock”, “level out”, and emphasize an attack of a single instrument or the whole mix. A compressor is an indispensable device in the music studio. Compression is used in all fields of sound industry (music, television, radio, moviemaking, etc.) and it’s very important in modern music. If a compressor is adjusted correctly, it will make the mix sound more “taut”, “pack” the vocal, and make the bass and drums more “rich” and “dense”. Compression can also add some “coloring” and make a signal “warmer” and “thicker” or “richer” and “sharper”.
A track that isn’t compressed enough can sound unintelligible, “dry” and “empty”. For example, if a guitar track is not compressed properly, it can be barely audible and occasionally even disappear from the mix. Alternatively, it can also dominate in sections, where it’s not supposed to. If you need help with proper mxing please learn our audio mixing mastering affordable rates.