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Put the spectrum analyzer’s plug on the Master Bus in the DAW window. Turn on the plugin and then solo the track with bass drum ─ the analyzer displays the frequency range of the audio track. Turn off the drum and repeat the same steps with the solo’s bass track in order to see its own frequency bass part. Comparing the results of the two tracks, you can see the frequency bands where there is a "clash" of the signal. As it been mentioned before this technique is very often used at dance music mixing. It is true for hip hop mixing.
Using a spectrum analyzer is suitable for other instruments too, which sounding are in similar frequency ranges: for example, the analysis will help to "split" two guitar parts. Incidentally, Voxengo Span’s plugin allows you to analyze two signal sources at once for greater clarity. Knowing the problem-plagued frequencies in the project online music mixing service Ways to improve online mixing and mastering services  works at it needs to get them right with the help of equalizer by cutting out "needless" frequencies. In any case, one must be careful in using the equalizer in order not to worsen situation.
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Low-quality mixing and insufficient monitoring is one of the major problems faced by modern audio engineers who work at home. This is especially true during the operation with frequencies in the sub lows’ vicinity. Such posture of affairs consists due to a variety of external factors: scant acoustic ambience, inattentiveness in monitoring or neighbors who do not like shaking bass walls at 3 a.m. All that leads to the fact that the bass in the compositions creates sound mud and goes to squash. 

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