how to make mix sound deeperCorrect reverberation
Providing online mixing services you’d better use diffuse reverb to the removed sounds, in other words, without any excessive specification, and again by slightly removing high frequencies in the same way as you did with the audio source.
On their way to our ears far sounds encounter more reflective surfaces than close ones do, during professional mixing tips it’s simulated by adding a greater amount of reverberation to far audio sources than to close ones. However, you should apply reverberation carefully as you can easily overdo here. It particularly concerns compact saturated mixes – it’s worth using reverb plugins in them extremely carefully as far as there are plenty of sounds and instruments, so it’s quite difficult to catch nuances of the processing itself. And an engineer can face a temptation to add it above the limit by turning the song into a muddy mess. In such cases echo will suit you better to create the space of a song.
how to make music sound deeper on mixingEcho
To combine echo effect with reverb processing is a perfect way to show the distance, but studio engineer shouldn’t confuse this type of effect with common digital delay – in the case of echo, reflections must be muted and by far less intelligible than the source signal.
During mixing such effects as Chorus can also create a distance effect as they make sounding more diffused. Alternatively, in music studios often used VST doubler plugin or double the signal twice and displace pitch on doubles by about 7 cents, on one of them up, on another down. 

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