mastering edm music loud4. Much brighter, more and more.
As opposed to bass, high-mids are perceived by our ear a lot louder, and one can play the card by boosting general loudness while online mixing studio. All the techniques described in item 2 will suit. But use high-mid frequencies excitement carefully. Unreasonable enhancement of “highs” threatens you with transferring your track from a class of genius creations to a category of those which awfully irritate and are even unhealthy to listen to.
5. Squeeze stepwise
The simplest and common technique to extract the maximum of loudness from music is to squeeze a track with a clipper/limiter to its limit. It’s necessary to realize that it leaves its mark – you’ll have to put up with blurring and even distortion. Only the lazy didn’t speak about killing of natural dynamics as well. However, there is a technique to do this violence against a edm loud mixing mastering servicessound on mixing in a much more delicate manner. Use compression and maximizing at each stage of composition mixing – each element, each instrumental line must be compressed and even hard limited/clipped so that a limiter placed at the end of the processing chain won’t be able to become a destructive stage while polishing a track in a mastering laboratory.
It’s obvious that the essence of the above-described techniques is a search for compromises. Only you decide how loud you desire to get your music at the output from studio, how important to you its naturalness and the depth of sound are, what depth of pumping corresponds with your perceptions. Yet listen out to the recommendations stated in this article, and your personal search for a compromise and a perfect sound will be much easier. 

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