monitors placement tips in mixing studioIn this way you’ll find out the maximum allowed distance between monitors in your case without losing the density of the central image and with reserving a balanced stereo picture.
6. When the sound spreads irregularly all around, and its focusing is bad, you should reconsider the distance between one of the monitors and your head. Surprisingly, but engineers of mixing backing vocals notice that the difference in a couple of centimeters is often quite noticeable during listening.
7. The displacements of monitors to the sides affect the perception of a low-mid frequency range much more; forward-rearward movement has an impact on the perception of a low frequency range.
8. When you set monitors, you should take their tilt angle into account. Forward and reverse tilts can significantly affect the sound.
9. When you set up monitors in your studio, you should pay attention to its orientation. The pair work is desirable to regulate this parameter.
monitors placement in the music mixing studioFirst, you should point the monitors at the back of your head whereas you keep the equal distance between your ear and the speaker of each monitor. During playback of the signal you should concentrate on the focus, and your assistant standing behind the monitor should rotate it around its axis. After you have found the best position of the first monitor in your studio, you should set the second monitor in the same way.
Keep in mind that some monitors work better when they are turned inward, others don’t. But if you have doubts in which position the sound is much fairer, it’s just recommended to turn monitors inward a little. 

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