*FREE Mastering Preview

Make sure how much your music can transform in the hands of an experienced mastering engineer!
How more transparent and cleaner it sounds after processing at the EKmixmaster studio!
It is so simple and totally FREE!

Make a request for free mastering preview via the contact form below and send your mix in the WAV format, sharing the link to downloading in your message.
Within 48 hours, we will send you the fragment of the mastered track. You pay only if you are completely satisfied with the result. If required, we will make corrections until the result fully answers your vision of the desired sound.

*On ordering mastering of several tracks, free preview is provided only for the first one.

MIXING and MASTERING (turnaround 2-5 days)

- Basic Package (Unlimited stems number). A perfect solution for mixing complex multi track projects.

  Per Song
1 song $150 
2-3 songs $120 
4-5 songs $112 
6+ songs  $100
Mixing and Mastering (Unlimited Stems)


- Mini Package (up to 8 stems). Recommended for Vocals/Rap mixing with pre-mixed instrumental or small projects mixing like “Piano, Strings, Vocals”.

  Per Song 
1 song  $75 
2-3 songs  $60 
4-5 songs  $56
6+ songs   $50
Mixing and Mastering (up to 8 stems)


MASTERING (turnaround 1-2 days)

  Per Song  
1 song  $55 
 2-3 songs  $44
4-5 songs $41
6+ songs  $37


STEM MASTERING (up to 8 instrumental groups; turnaround 1-2 days)

  Per Song
 1 song  $70
 2-3 songs $56 
4-5 songs $52 
6+ songs  $47
Stem Mastering



VOCAL TUNING - $50 per track (the indicated price is for manual pitch tuning of one vocal track. If you need tuning of several tracks and/or aligning of backing vocal parts, please get in touch with us to specify workloads and the price)
DI GUITARS AMPING - $40 (select this option if you want us to build your electric guitars tone from the scratch)
PROCESSED STEMS EXPORT - $25 (select this option to get all the tracks from your finished session printed individually with all the effects and enhancements you hear in your final mix)
ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS - $10 each (you might want another version of your mix that either has certain tracks left out or replaced in your mix - i.e. "Just Guitars and Bass" or "Just Piano and Vocals")
PROFANITY FREE VERSION - $20 (if your song has profanity but needs to be radio friendly, we will remove all profanity using silence, reverse effect, sound FX, etc.)


  1. While getting materials ready for mixing:
    • turn off all kinds of processing except for those that is a part of the sound design
    • export the song to separated instrumental and vocal tracks of wav 44.1 kHz 24/32 bit format; importantly, all tracks should be exported from the very beginning of the song
    • assign titles to files (kick, bass, guitar, a lead vocal and so on)
    • compress the tracks into the archive, indicating the tempo of the song in BPM format in the title of the archive.
  2. In preparation of the materials for mastering, on the master bus of your project, you should turn off absolutely all kinds of processing that are not a part of the mix. The availability of compression and maximization will make high-quality mastering impossible.
  3. Upload files on any file sharing service convenient for you and share the link to downloading by including it into the message.
  4. Commercially released tracks whose sound you would like to take as a reference will help you to achieve the desired result. Send them in mp3 format as well or share the link on YouTube.
  5. If you have any particular wishes or details to which you would like to turn our attention, describe them in full.
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