professional mixing and mastering tipsProfessional mixing mastering is probably the most incomprehensible and steeped in legends preparation stage of an audio for release. Everything is seemingly clear – this is a process of final music refinement, polishing and technical preparation audio for cutting into vinyl or CD. Exceptionally experienced rap vocals mixing engineers with trained hearing and proficient in audio processing are engaged at this stage. This factor brought about breeding grounds for speculations. Especially among novices at online mixing audio services who have trouble picturing what to expect at this stage and what undercurrents prevail here. However, today due to technological development mastering is not only preserved by miracle men from mainstream music studios, but also available for ordinary artists thanks to great variety of plugins which accurately emulate the work of professional music studio appliances and devices. Although there isn’t any plugin to replace mixing mastering engineers’ experience and knowledge, modern music technologies allow the engineer to mixing music professionally at homemake much headway without leaving his bedroom. At least home music mixing is quite a reasonable solution when it doesn’t come to a super important project and you have limited budget. Even standard set of audio effects included in any DAW can make short work of basic problems: dull sounding, insufficient music loudness and brightness. Yet for those who have chosen professional online mixing mastering  as their main aim and basic life occupation, it will be helpful to study these processes in detail. Although it’s impossible to do within one article, we are trying to clarify basic moments and stages – I’m sure that it can be a good starting point for further development.