advices for song mixing engineersAn object, which is far away can’t sound widely, because the further is an object, the closer to the point-like source it becomes.
Many things can be fixed during mixing but in that case your work will turn into correction of errors made during production. If performance is arranged and recorded correctly, mixing mastering won’t take much time.

And finally, mastering. There are lots of online mixing and mastering all over the world and some of them could blow your mind with the price and quality of their equipment (and of course, sound quality). Ordering album mastering in such a studio can cost you 15 thousand dollars and even more.

However, if previous stages were successful, the last one won’t be that hard. It usually comes down to normalizing sound level and record spectrum. That’s why you shouldn’t put off until mastering what can be done during mixing.

General recommendations

advices for better music mixing1. If you have a question whether to include a device (or a VST plug-in) in the chain, the answer is no.
2. If it’s possible to go back to a previous step of recording and fix the mistake, do it.
3. Don’t work at the same monitor volume during the final phase of mixing. Keep changing the volume, because your ear gets used to it and you don’t hear as well as you should.
4. No matter where you are (subway, road, yard or concert hall), analyze acoustic environment around you.
5. Compare your works with those of other experts.
6. Don’t be reserved, communicate with your colleagues and be open. A lot of useful information can be obtained in the Internet, just visit websites for sound engineers and musicians.
I’m sure that my colleagues and me can find a dozen of examples, which contradict with the points made in this article (it only proves they are right). Opinions and tips given by me shouldn’t be taken as gospel and can be used at the reader’s discretion. However, I’ll be glad if my thoughts will help somebody to solve his creative tasks. If you want me to polish your up coming projects please check prices for professional mastering and mixing online.