My mixing mastering method

In this short article, I wanted to share my thoughts on how to lessen distraction when mixing and mastering music. This method was developed by me within years of practice in the field of professional mixing and mastering.

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Picking out the lead vocal

Those who work with vocal recordings and use song structures in their music often find themselves in a situation where the lead vocals (main voice) do not really stand out from the background vocals (choir voices).

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How to record Acoustic Guitar professionally at home

Quality Acoustic guitar recording is covered by tons of myths. While in reality, you can get a great recording with quite basic gear! Just keep in mind these recommendations - they're surefire for getting your next recording sounding great!

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How to use Valhalla Room Tutorial

In this article, I go through the key features of Valhalla Room plugin, explaining how they affect the reverb sound and sharing tips on how you can start experimenting with reverbs!

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Mixing Tips

Mixing music to make it sound like the best commercial releases is the task that makes sweat many aspiring artists. Yet there are tips that can make the learning process easier.

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How to choose a sound card

A sound card is one of the crucial pieces of gear in every music studio! Finding the model that fits artist's needs isn't easy. In this article I'll do my best to give you some pointers on how to chose audio interface

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