How to promote your music independently

Now, it depends on the artist how to promote music. With the help of good planning, you can build a career and publish songs in such a way that you consider most effective. This guide will teach you how to promote your music independently.

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What is Mid Side Processing?

In this article, I will give you perspectives of what is Mid Side processing in general, the history of the concept, and tips and tricks for using these techniques while mixing and mastering.

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How to Export Stems in FL studio

In this article, I’m going to show you how to get your song produced in FL studio ready for mixing and mastering. It’s far not that complicated as you might been thinking! It will take only a few clicks to complete the task!

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How to mix rap vocals onto an instrumental

The beats are often pre-compressed and even maximized what pointedly wrong according to mixing canons! However, there are still some tricks allowing engineers who work in rap and hip-hop genre to achieve high-end sound in this situation.

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How to mix backing vocals wide

When you compare your tracks with professionals’ mixes, you’ll clearly notice that their backing vocals are anyway much wider. So, how exactly professionals get such results and what is worth adopting from them in order to mix backing vocals wide indeed?

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Adding Dynamics to a Mix in 1 Step

This trick is fit for any genres, even for EDM music where excessively compressed sound became the norm. What’s more, the work of the transient shaper is unnoticeable until you turn it off. Try it yourself! I wish all of you dynamic mixes!

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How to Equalize Distorted Electric Guitar sound

If the guitar tone at the output of the amplifier completely suits you, consequently, you are lucky and the equalization procedure will be incredibly simple: Cut low frequency mumbling in the range of 60–120 Hz. These frequencies are of no use...

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How To Add Punchiness to a Kick Drum

How to add more punch to a kick drum and along with that to give specific character/color to its attack? The following interesting technique will help with that. Make two copies of a drum track and send them to the overall AUX bus...

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