How To Mix Epic Orchestral Music

While working with orchestral music, you should set your mind on abundance of automation at once since constant evolution of a sound picture and flowing of instruments from foreground to background and back are the basis of the genre.

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How to mix Electronic Dance Music EDM Loud and Clean

This is a fashion issue in sound whether producers should push the whole loudness potential out of music or keep the natural dynamics. But as incredible loudness remains “must have” for EDM genre, let’s sort out such a tricky question how to mix EDM loud but still clean.

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How To Mix vocals With Music Better in 1 Minute

How to mix vocals and music? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions after "how to mix music in general." Apply this trick at the very beginning of your work with a project, and mixing vocals on an instrumental will be a lot easier!

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Mixing Rap Vocal to a Beat Detailed

In this video covered all stages of mixing rap vocals to a premixed and mastered beat. Starting from preparation beat to mixing (with pitfalls and methods of work with heavily maximized beats written up) and finishing with rap vocals space treatment specific aspects.

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