Many musicians are curious about how to grow their fanbase on tiktok. The platform quickly became one of the most influential social media and is now considered a gateway to bigger popularity. 


Why is it so popular?

If you have never used tiktok, you will probably be confused. It has more than five hundred million users, the majority of them are teenagers. It is known for its unusual, amusing, and entertaining short clips. 


Tiktok lives off the music, for that reason it is so helpful for musicians. Even a newbie will be able to use short audio clips in their video. It is also easy to pull someone else's audio into your video. That is why this social media can help your music go viral. 


How to grow TikTok account


1. Make it fun. This platform is all about gags and memes, so if your song is sad and depressing it might not do well unless it has a funny video to go along with it. 


 2. Make it short. Find a short, catchy part of the song (a hook or a chorus). All you need is a fifteen-second audio clip of the most memorable part of your song. Remember, tiktok is a social media based on short-format videos, so think what part of your song has the potential to go viral and use it in your clip.


 3. Hold contests. To give your followers a little nudge to use your music in their content, you can hold a contest for the best dance, for example, and offer them a cool prize. 


 4. Use hashtags. Many social media use hashtags. Tiktok is not an exception. You can use general hashtags as well as those related to your specific niche or style of music.


 5. Don’t forget to socialize. Make sure that comments under your posts are not a one-sided conversation. Respond to your followers and interact with them. Tell them how much you appreciate their support. Be respectful and tactful.


6. Spread your tiktoks to other social media. The platform makes it easy to share your content on other social media accounts. It is especially important if you are just starting on this platform.


 7. Don’t make it about you. If you want to go viral and grow your audience you should always put your followers first. Ask yourself what they want to see and tailor your videos to their needs. Your content should be flexible and inspire others to use your music in their clip.


 8. Be playful. The most popular videos on this social media are exaggerated and a little bit extra, so if you want to be noticed you should stand out and be bright. 


 9. Work with other creators. Cross-promotion works great on this platform and allows you to collaborate with other artists to create something new and original. 


 10. Indicate your location. The algorithm favors local content to create a more community-oriented feed, so indicating your location is a great way to get ahead.


 11. Don’t strive for perfection. If you are scared to start and think that all you do is not good enough, we can assure you, that people prefer content with a hand-made feel to high-quality content. So make sure your videos are interesting and engaging it is way more important than the quality of your editing skills. 


There you have it, eleven tips on how to grow TikTok audience. We hope you have found some of these tips helpful and insightful.

Elijah Kuttikhen

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