Please follow the steps below to make sure you prepared the files for further mixing the best possible and left me as much possible space for creative decisions.


1. First of all make sure to disable all kinds of processing that are meant for mixing your demo - EQs, Limiters, Compression, Reverbs, Delays.


2. Disable ALL processing on Master Bus - Limiters/Maximizers, Compression, etc. Keep Master Bus absolutely clear of any processing.


3. Also disable sends to AUX busses - Reverbs and Delays.


4. Keep enabled the processing that is meant as sound design.

This can be all kinds of Distortion, Guitar Amps, and Cabinet simulations on the guitars.

Creative modulation effects - Flanger, Chorus, Autopanning, Ring Modulation, and others.

Complex Delays with possibly extra creative processing that creates a certain vibe for the instrument and song overall. 


If there is creative filtering applied (Hi-Cut or Low-Cut filters with automation) - please keep it on.

Also, if you have filtering automation, volume, and panning automation that is a part of the arrangement - keep them there as well. 


5. Select the region for export - from the very beginning of the song until the very end. This way once individual tracks are dropped into DAW on my end, all sounds will be in perfect sync. 


6. Export / Bounce each instrumental and vocal track individually in WAV format.
Keep each track volume as it's in your session (no need to reset to default level). This will give me the picture of the needed balance straight off. 


7. Make sure all tracks are named correctly to their corresponding instrument (e.g. Kick, Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocal, etc… )


8. Share files via any file-sharing service of your choice - Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or any other.

When sharing files please include the tempo information for the song. 


9. After reviewing the received files I might request additional or alternative versions for certain sounds, MIDI clips for some of the virtual instruments. 

Elijah Kuttikhen

Online mixing and mastering services