how to reference mixes in Ableton LiveHere to your attention presented a detailed tutorial on
how to reference mix in Ableton Live. In this step by step guide you will learn, how to use Live’s stock tools to check your mixing work for issues and how to use commercially released songs as references crafting your own songs. All tips given in the video are what I use in my everyday work perfecting my studio clients’ music.
What’s important - for professional referencing in Ableton with these techniques you won’t need any fancy expensive plugins, no hardware but your computer keyboard. Just Live’s stock tools and absolutely free of charge VST pink noise generator by Credland Audio. All tips are 100% actionable and are really simple to use! Referencing in Ableton Live never been easier! Enjoy the tutorial and feel free to use these techniques in your next projects!
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Elijah Kuttikhen

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