how to market music on tiktok


Being an independent artist, I bet you wonder how to promote your music on TikTok. Before going in-depth on this topic, we will give a few general recommendations. First and foremost, create an account and grow it as you would do on other social media platforms. When you film clips for your account, remember that your primary goal is to promote your music. It means you should create clips where you can use your tracks. Make sure your content fits the mood of the platform. Tiktok is about short-format videos. So if you want to post the video of your band rehearsing or recording in the studio, YouTube might be a better choice for these types of videos. If you want to grow on TikTok, you should learn the algorithm and understand trends. So now, when you have a general understanding, we will examine in more detail how to promote songs on tiktok. 


1. Choose a dominant style of your account


To grow a large following, stick to a certain type of content and follow it throughout all your posts. Some people do covers, others do freestyles it could be anything. Developing your style will make it simpler for you to get the most out of the algorithm. The algorithm will promote your clips to the users who are interested in this type of content. It will give you an advantage. 


2. Pick popular hashtags


It goes hand in hand with the previous point. Hashtags help the algorithm sort out your clips and classify them to promote them further to a certain group of people. Using popular and relevant hashtags increases your chances to get noticed.


3. Participate in challenges


If a new challenge is launched on the platform, viewers are more inclined to consume content related to it. And the algorithm favors this type of content. If you come across an intriguing idea, feel free to hop on the trend and join the challenge. It is a good way to showcase your music. But keep in mind that your clip should fit your strategy and style! Don't forget to use hashtags!


Download a free pdf containing all useful information on music promotion that you can always keep with you!

4. Use the platform to market your songs. 


This is directly related to the question of how to market music on tiktok . It is advisable to actively engage in conversation with your followers, and respond to the comments. Most importantly, be open about your goal. However, don’t be intrusive and don’t spam. The best way to introduce your new song is to create an original clip with your track, showing how it can be used. It is the best type of promotion. Subtle, yet effective. 


5. Use data and statistics


Tiktok just released a statistics panel that content creators can access for free. It allows you to track such data as the number of your subscribers, your views, audience demographics, and obtain statistics on what sort of clips are the most popular with your followers. 


6. Check your content for forbidden material


Tiktok filters out spam, abusive, and potentially dangerous content. If any of the following activities are detected on your account, it may be suspended:


- Application of forbidden hashtags 

- Deleting a large amount of posts at once

- Short-term subscriptions and unsubscriptions

- Posting of content, protected by copyright 


If you have limited time and resources and are still wondering what is the single most effective thing for music promotion on tiktok, we would say focus on challenges. Nothing

brings more attention to your account than a song that has become the

background music for a successful challenge.  

Elijah Kuttikhen

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