guitar music mastering services2. Level first
So, we have found our position on the music role of the guitar audio tracks sent to our online mixing and mastering service by a client. But it’s still not time you would grasp an equalizer and cut, boost frequencies etc. First of all I’d build the basic structure of a guitar sound of a future song, define its correlation of levels with drums and vocals. If your guitars as stated above were devised to become the “star” of a song, they must sound loud, indeed loud.
How far loud, it’s up to you to decide as an engineer. It will help you if you choose some references out of the songs sounding of which is similar to yours. Make up your mind how loud they must be regarding vocals and the most powerful parts of drums stem.
online mixing guitar songIn case mixing engineer have to work with a complicated guitar structure comprised of several layers of recorded parts and riffs, at first one should go into sort of their inner balance and only then insert that what one have received into an overall mix. For instance, if the role of this particular part was to emphasize and saturate piano melody, so at first music studio engineer build their relationship and only after that seek their place in a song.
As soon as instrumental layers sent to audio services have been combined as appropriate for more convenience of further work, an experienced engineer will combine them in a group and then it’ll be convenient to balance sounding of the combined elements in the common mix with one fader. If you're interested - please check for yourself our prices for mixing mastering services.