percussion tricks at mixing mastering onlinePercussion instrument mixing techniques is one of the most complicated aspects of music creation. For your attention I would like to suggest some tips how to improve this part of your audio mixing service to bring out in it more character.
Although you can use reverberation on the common drum bus (as an insert), why not to use it in separate channels? Short and “gloomy” reverberation on a bass drum, long and bright on a snare drum will fill out overall space in a more interesting way. But be careful not to overdo. It is possible that each instrument will start sounding in a different space of your song mixied unless you are trying to achieve exactly that.
Parallel compression
percussion tricks at online audio mixing mastering servicesParallel or “New York” compression (this technique fairly often usen by audio engineers) is just mixing of a compressed signal with another which isn’t processed by a compressor. It is used to add density to the sound without smashing it to a complete loss of dynamics. It’s quite easy to do it. Make a copy of a track and elaborate the compression to the full so that you can get the most of sustain without worrying about the used-up dynamics. Then adjust a volume fader at the minimum level, switch on a “clear”, uncompressed track and gradually raise the volume of the previous track until you get the desired density. You can achieve the same effect much more simply if you use the compressiors with dry/wet function which nowadays implemented very good in a wide array of software compressor plug ins.