online mixing mastering of back vocalsNobody will challenge the fact that contemporary canons of music quality 100% require the vocal to shine in a track like a perfectly cut diamond! Vocal mixing and mastering is the most important part of the work on a future song, so engineers pay maximum attention to that. And it’s quite clear, whatever perfect the arrangement, let even the instrumental part of music have been recorded and processed in perfection, the professional mixing and mastering that leaves vocals dull and inexpressive condemns the song to remain unnoticed by the audience. Vocal mixingis actually one of the hardest stages of the work on a song as our hearing has gotten used to its “correct” sound since birth and doesn’t forgive the engineer’s errors. Some very simple principles stated below will help you to avoid quite an unpleasant wave of criticism. They have been used long and successfully by professional online music mixing and mastering services studios of the entire world when they work on the vocal part of music. Adopt them, and it will turn out that vocal processing isn’t such a mysterious process!

mixing and mastering services1. The vocal is to be put first

There is a very simple principle in: the element with which the work starts is paid maximum attention and, consequently, it gets a much richer sound. How come?  It’s all very plain and simple; the beginning of a project is like a blank canvas. When you apply the very first element to it, it’s unnecessary for you to concern about how to bring it together with the rest. These concerns will expect the professional music mixing engineer afterwards when the mixing is in progress, and new instruments keep getting added. Since the mix space isn’t infinite, and the sound of elements added at late stages will be shallower so no tricks will help the engineer to change the situation globally