back vocals online music masteringBacking vocals is another important audio element of each song. Its mixing requires thorough elaboration. If everything has done correctly, backing vocals creates additional support to lead ones and fills the sound with additional audio harmonics. If the engineer isn’t experienced enough, this music part becomes a strong annoying element that draws attention away from the basic vocals. You should clearly define what to do and in which sequence to prevent backing vocal online audio mixing and mastering services  from turning into a painful process. With this article, we are trying to build up a well set-up system of actions and intricacies to which you should pay attention during mixing.

mixing and mastering servicesThe importance exactly of sequence of work on a audio track has repeatedly mentioned. With which element to start is the question of both stylistics and the engineer’s personal preferences.  In the case of Harmonies and back vocals professional audio mixing, there is a definite requirement – their processing will start only after the sound of a leading part has been refined. In this way, the mixingengineer lets the main vocal expose itself to the fullest extent, and Harmonies are already being equalized to make a soft base and to prevent them from interfering with basic LV frequencies. Therefore, the common sequence in the styles like pop and rock music will be the following – the main vocal mixing starts when the music part is ready (to prevent a conflict with saturated harmonics, drums and guitars). As the latest, the engineer starts working on BVs that in their turn adapt themselves to main Vox and fill up the space between it and music.