backing vocals online mixing and masteringSo, now let’s come over directly to the details mixing. To avoid thrashing around and spending extra time on experiments, I offer you a system which perfectly recommended itself in many music works. By following these plain recommendations, every engineer can considerably simplify his work on music and achieve much more harmonious sound of lead and back vocals.

The first-ever with what you should start is audio clips volume balancing. This is the simplest but very powerful instrument used by all engineers for studying a song structure and for interoperation of audio elements. Find the correct level of instrument loudness in entire music and the next process of the work with it will be clear. In the work with back vocals, many professional audio mixing and mastering services studios use the following technique – all isolated tracks are sent to group buss. Now it’s very easy to control their loudness through the only one fader. The next benefit is any engineer’s actions for equalization, audio compression and so on are at once used for all the tracks simultaneously. This is time saving, more correct approach in terms of professional mixing as far as BVs are processed as a single instrument.

audio mastering servicesWhen the approximate loudness has been set up, the group is being checked in Solo mode – at this stage, it’s necessary to build the balance of separate tracks and the position in the music space. Afterwards the mixing mastering engineer checks the settings in the context of the overall song sound – BVs must be well listened to without interfering with the leading part. Some small corrections will probably be required. The result must already be harmoniously placed on the track. If it’s like that, the mixing back vocalsitself starts.