Compression at cd mastering servicesUsing compression just for increasing of subjective loudness only always considered a wrong way by most of mixing and mastering online engineers. In case you are intended at as much possible loudness, like at EDM mastering for instance, it is a good approach without a doubt. But in the course of this process danger of removing the tune's groove gets very high. Though, using of a compressor to boost the groove may cause more people to turn up the volume knob while your masterpiece audition. So what steps needed to make things right while mixing tracks with compression? This is easy enough. Firstly - tune in the compressor at the maximal available ratio. After that while flowing through compressor audio signal smashed hard you should search for the best feasible attack time - it can be sensed easily at that radical conditions. Proper attack time numbers allow the entire punch of kick (bass drum) and bass come through with no any resist. Opposites to attack finding the release time is more tricky and not as obvious. When you start sensing of the magic, it is exactly the mastering mix with compressionrelease time you must to set. You should set it in such a manner that you can sense the compressor bringing about the pulsation of the record. To make up a description of the whole steps is quite hard to do. Still, you will succeed in finding sweet spot if you succeeded in to set the release time that way as soon as you can hear the “steering”. You will feel somewhat slightly pulsing of the all record together with the rhythm. Presently, you will be anxious to back off the ratio until you will be able to hear barely noticeable steering. In case the compressor is flung into bypass, you will not feel any radical changes in the record that may just seem to sort of having dropped “something”. 

To see these tips in action please hear for yourself my examples of mixing mastering services work.