Equalization of toms at mixing and mastering serviceEqualization of toms as well as other drums includes the removal of unwanted frequencies and emphasizing useful frequencies. However, you should remember that the best equalization is the absence of it.

Pick out tom samples so that they will sit well in a mix and won’t interfere with other instruments. Let’s take a look at the frequency response of one of tom samples. While looking at the frequency response, you may emphasize the most important tom frequencies:

- body or low frequency punch – 80–300 Hz;
- mud and rumble – 300–700 Hz;
- attack or high frequency click – 3–5 kHz.

Equalization of toms at audio mixing and masteringDuring tom edm mixing and mastering services you should first of all cut low frequencies with Low Cut filter approximately up to 90–120 Hz if necessary. Such removal of low frequencies is needed to clear a space in a mix for much more important low frequency instruments: kick and bass drums. Then equalization is carried out at the discretion of an engineer or a sound producer. There are some possible options of the removal of the mud in the low-mid and emphasizing attack at high frequencies. That’s pretty much of it. 

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