equalization in song mixing onlineThere is a lot of different information about equalizers on the Internet. This information mainly refers to the technical aspect of the subject. But I would like to describe equalizers as one of the indispensable devices in edm mixing and mastering.
If we look at the whole process of music production, it will be obvious that using equalizers is appropriate at any production phase. These phases include the actual recording (writing the music material to an analog or digital storage device), mixing (turning a set of differently sounding instruments into an integral music piece), and mastering (bringing the mix to the final version that will be presented to the listeners).
The differences between these phases are obvious. During the first one equalizer is a part of the sound recording chain. Its influence is non-recurrent, so audio engineer can't cancel the changes made by the equalizer after recording is finished. The most common are the equalizers built into the preamp and the equalizers as equalization's work song mastering onlineindividual units. The individual equalizers of high grade are very expensive, but such devices greatly improve the music quality.
For example, if a vocalist has a unique beautiful timbre, the equalizer can emphasize his voice colours. Alternatively, if some frequencies are missing, they can be added during recording with EQ. In that case, you can give the mixing studio a copy of the material, which is as close to your ideal as possible. When tuning a bass guitar or an acoustic guitar, musicians and sound engineers often have a chance to adjust the equalizer built into the preamp, guitar amplifier or guitar head. 

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