equalizers at professional mastering serviceThe choice depends on the genre of the future record. Different genres may require a different guitar sound, and the equalizer can make the same “guitar plus amplifier” pair suitable for stylistically dissimilar compositions.
During online audio mixing and mastering, equalization is performed very carefully, because usually at this point the main frequency pattern is already built by the instrument preprocessing. Technically, if a track is properly prepared, equalization might be avoided completely. However, it might be necessary to clean the side component of the track in the lower part. It will add some transparency to the sound when it will be played on different audio systems.
So, let’s find out what role does the equalizer play in the studio, what kinds of equalizers exist, what options do they have and which of these options are appropriate in different cases.
professional mastering services with equalizationTypes of equalizers
Let’s come down to essentials. As was already said, the equalizer is meant to alter a part of the spectrum of a particular instrument or voice, which makes it an indispensable device in any music studio. As a result of its work, the sound amplitude of the frequencies in a particular spectrum portion will become higher or lower.
The equalizer changes the sound amplitude (that is, its volume), so this device falls into the category of dynamic processors (we know that dynamics is the change of volume). All tools that somehow influence a part of the spectrum are usually referred to as filters.

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