mixing engineer's pitfalls4. Unwillingness to Inquire
Being a audio engineer doesn’t mean that you just have to learn the some limited amount (say invented within last several years) material connected with audio engineering and stop with that. If you desire to succeed in it, try to elaborate and extend your knowledge permanently. Everything is changing. Appearance of brand new music/technological specifications and tends involves non-stop practice. Link and sharing information exchange among your skilled buddies would enforce in your favor also. I am sorry to say, it often happens that a soundman is well informed, his studio is equipped rather good, but results of his work don't impress at all.
5. Expect on mixing process to fix bugs of poorly recorded audio material

Origin this trap is real not only for mixers, but for arrangers, music producers and recording engineers. The improperly recorded bass or taken with wrong mic voice would not boom as required by with the help of mixing. best online mixing service powerless to correct week arrangement failures. What is it able to make - is to clean up some frequencies, make instrumental lines sound some better but not to transmute mess into fantastic song. The result is actually foreseeable, and you should not blame the mixing engineer for that.
pofessional mastering engineer's pitfalls6. Audio processing
Sound mixing is the operation by which several separated sounds are treated that way to become a cohesive single stereo track. Quite wrong to confuse it with «processing audio with various effects». There are vast tracks damaged because of sound processing made for itself only. The longer I am working as mixing and mastering engineer the better I understand that amazing sound isn't result of chaoticly put effects yet depends on wise use of treatment made thoroughly. I'd name so many instances, where you can control things just with simple HPF/LPF filtering or rational level/pan adjustments of song components to get a mix, without destroying its reasonable tone. Occasionally to receive an needful sound you must fulfil its processing for times without number. However, the result is worth of spent time for education. If you see something questionable in it, my answer again the same: not quantity first but quality. The most important is to assimilate how to use wisly the sound processing effortlessly. Be purposeful professionals! You might be also be intrerested to check my affordable rates for music mixing mastering services.