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If you are sure that your music needs promotion, this is a superb place for that goal. SubmitHub is a great resource - you may listen to all genres of new songs that could be shared on your website. It could be challenging to notice suitable blogs for submission, that's why there are few chances to stick your tune. The curators receive about 50 submissions daily, so don’t be insulted if you won't achieve prompt results. You can meet here not so many excellent tastemakers, which can write about your music, although they will not get for you many streams. In case your music deserves it, you’ll receive a good chance. Take advantage of this website reservedly and don't spend too much money on your campaigns.
SubmitHub does have its flaws. Don’t await tons of visits to your profile if you get played up anywhere. Let media coverage be a positive PR for your brand.

Muso Soup

Yet another suitable website where you may publish your creation and the people will see it. This website permits blogs to oversee submissions and play the music. Do not be insulted if your song won't be accepted. Any coverage can serve as an instrument creation of your brand. Because it’s a new service, there are not so many valuable blogs. 


It is alike SubmitHub in characteristics. French music is principal here and is attempting to widen its reach. If you are a French artist and music lover, you should make an attempt, but don’t count only on this variant, it will not give you a massive subscribing. Utilize it as a media resource for the brand if you achieved the desired goal. 


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Playlist Push (High-priced)

In case you wish to be playlisted on Spotify, you have this slick possibility. Because of its expensiveness, you have to know your amount of profit per stream to appreciate if it will suit you. My advice is to experiment on the above-mentioned services preliminary to investing resources. You'll have to pay the big sum but pay attention, question yourself if the risk is justified, and avoid making wrong decisions. 



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Facebook and Instagram Ads (Base of Marketing)

In 2018 when The Sound Sniffer recently appeared, I invested money in Facebook Ads. I have no clue what I’ve got out of them. I consider it was an effort in vain because the results disappointed me, and I promised myself never to do this again. Facebook is such a place where you can quickly run through a big amount of money. You need to be aware and confident in what actions you are taking. Posting on Instagram is an effective method of growing your audience, though.

How to find out if likes received from Facebook Ads really convert into followers? The appropriate way to find an answer to this question is to research strategies of other musicians regarding the promotion of their music creations.
It is a guideline for your niche and a source of ideas and insights. From this analysis, you will know better what works and whatnot and promote better. 

Stations Pitching

If you have entered into cooperation with the media, start pitching it to larger music stations and retail outlets. This is a great way to promote your music because it allows you to reach the mass market. Best Media Format in the UK - BBC Introduction. You need to send them an application, take part in the competition and sign up for the exhibition festival. Glastonbury's inaugural stage is very good and the Eurosonic festival in Groningen is also a musical event not to be missed. 



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