With roughly a billion!!! active users, Instagram is very helpful for musicians to get word of their art out there. Instagram's music promotions are among the easiest means for sharing material on social media. The most straightforward part? There is no need for loads of technical knowledge and the social platform itself is simple to use. However, it is critical to establish a plan to use the platform effectively.  Read for a few helpful ideas if you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

1. Think about an Instagram bio that's irresistible

Determine a memorable username

How do you get your music noticed on Instagram? If your ambition is to get your name out to the whole globe, be aware of your music, and go to your future concerts, then don't assign a common name to your profile. You should avoid adding numbers to your nickname. Many musicians see their IG name as a component of their overall branding.

Invite them in by telling an enthralling narrative

Even if your bio is quite limited, you'll nonetheless communicate your personal tale. Instead of just stating that you perform songs, consider telling an interesting tale about your life that is something peculiar to you. As a matter of fact, you will distinguish yourself from the competitors.

Don't be scared to utilize terminology and lingo that is recognizable to your readers in bio. The aim is to let viewers identify you by the profile they're seeing so they can communicate with you and see your authentic personality. These stories could interest them:

- accomplishments, honors, validations, or rewards you received from critics, publications, and notable musicians

- brief media statement featuring details about upcoming concerts, collaborations, social praises, and stuff like that are distributed to local and national media sources;

- update bio once in a while and keep track of which profile elements encourage interaction and involvement. 

how to market music on instagram

2. Put the focus on excellent visual content

Instagram is mostly a visually focused social media, therefore it's an excellent choice for displaying movies and GIFs. When marketing music, consider it. Instagram promotional posts display your creativity and give more material to your audience by posting behind-the-scenes content. Taking pictures of yourself backstage is great, but you should also include photos that showcase to your fans what your life is like when you're not producing or recording:

- stitched together photographs from the tour bus;

- locations on tour you have played;

- the images on an album cover;

- goods design;

- poster boards;

- clients who purchase your merchandise;

- the kind of musical connections one has with colleagues and fans;

- process of recordings in the studio;

By including them, you'll be confident that your loyal listeners perceive themselves as an important component of your life story. But music promotion tips are not only about that. Followers want to be spectators of the human aspect, considering that we all go through daily routines such as eating, spending our free time with friends and family, and doing other daily activities. Showing your everyday life assists you in making connections with people, and increases the chances that your creation will be spread further.


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3. Use keyword-specific hashtags to maximize search results

How to promote music on Instagram? It is crucial to not neglect the utilization of hashtags in song marketing. Because your audience has previously liked posts, IG's algorithm will promote tags they possibly might be additionally interested in. Over time, as things remain unchanged, hashtags will gain renewed relevance.

The maximum number of hashtags per post is 30, which includes any hashtags you wrote in the comments. I suppose you really don't aim to get automatically labeled as a spammer, so you must strive for a minimum of 20 posts, even if some people think 11-12 is a spam threshold. As said before, it is important to search for hashtags to discover which one generates the most activity.

Instagram music promotion hashtags assist you in being on top of what's trending.  When appreciating another artist's profiles and see what type of stuff they're publishing and favoriting, hashtags are additionally a really useful tool. Instead of only following a few individuals, comment on their posts. Inspire your supporters to begin a dialogue about your brand.

4. Propose fans to discuss you

The primary reason to use this platform is for two-way communication. Not only do you rely on everyone to enjoy the brand's pictures and video materials, but song promotion also doesn't simply revolve around it. You would want your music to be discussed, and individuals to appear at your gigs. You may expand your fan base by encouraging them to share their experiences, such as photographs and videos of concerts and events.

Aim to multiplicate the number of brand advocates?  Do photoshoots with them. Whether at an event, performance or in public, be prepared to be applauded and acknowledged. Being photographed with their artist of choice would be a memorable and meaningful event for a fan, and sharing that photo on social media is something they want to do. The promotion plan also calls for developing a singular hashtag, such as #johnsmithlive, to let others refer to you when they want to share anything. Staying in contact with target people by means of social media is a wonderful practice. You also can call them out on Instagram by writing a @mention and their nickname for them to distribute your audio material. Acknowledging your gratitude for the admirer's loyalty may serve as a milestone in cultivating and maintaining a strong fan base. 


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5. Use Stories

Among the ways of how to market music on Instagram, utilizing Stories can appear counterproductive. On the other hand, though, a 15-second video may have a great impact. No one can resist a teaser! And what sort of products or promo campaigns you could run using Stories?

Official products, upcoming performances, your new song, album, or EP, older compositions, will be included. Once you prepared everything, try to think of creative techniques to help your song being discovered using an Instagram Story. Find out whether you have installed a mobile app for each music provider like Shazam, Spotify, or SoundCloud. With any of those apps, you can exploit Stories to distribute your tracks.

Usually, the cover image shows up with a song on IG. Spotify makes it feasible for you to reproduce the tune you've posted on Instagram Stories in the application. As a means to appeal to demographics to be targeted, your material should include stickers, text, emojis, similar corresponding visual components. 



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