In the old days, only industry professionals were engaged in music promotion. However now, it depends on the artist how to promote music. With the help of a good planning, you can build a career by your own account and publish songs in such a way that you consider most effective.
This guide on how to promote music independently will teach you step by step to compose an effective spending plan, no matter how much money you are able to allocate on that.

1. Get verified on each music site

how to promote music independently

What is the best way to promote your music? One of the ways is to publish on various platforms and verify your pages. Quality promotion is about messages to supporters that listen to your albums.
It's insufficient to publish songs or other content, you should come across with conviction, ease and polish, and it will give you desired results.
Most platforms allow making verification process easy. You should take them into account when planning your promotion company because verification is an important detail of your online self presentation. 

2. Add your tracks to the playlists

How to get music heard? Do not forget that streaming as a huge part of song promotion. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, comprise thousands of millions of listeners, registering huge amount of streams. In order to push your music creation, stick an audio track into a trendy playlist. It is a huge help at promotion as it may rack up a lot of streams. It is effective not only due to the growing popularity, but also you receive royalty earnings as a bonus.
When your songs are located on curated playlists, it raises your trust and authenticity. Algorithmic playlists will make a big thing about your stream enumeration, so it's better pursuing all promotion tips available.

3. Build a website and email list

Developing a professionally looking site as a foundation of online presence is beneficial, but it would be even better to build a big list of email subscribers. On your personal site should be presented links to songs, images, bios and tour dates, and a very significant moment is a mailing list sign-up form.
If your visitors write emails form field, consequently they are already interested in you, which means sending email directly to their inbox with content about your fresh release or forthcoming tour has much more chances to catch up them compared with social media post.

4. Write a press release and reach out to playlists and blogs

how to market music

When your songs are reviewed by publications, mainstream magazines or niche blogs, this can help spread the world and offer possibility to advance your carrier, also reaching the promotional goal.
For musicians with a small budget, self-made PR is an affordable option. It's essential to speak properly with mass media representatives.
Firstly, compose an electronic press release with full information about yourself and your songs. Find out where and with whom to communicate with, who to contact on this issue.
Music blogs are main trendsetters. Find those that are promoting similar artists and cooperate with them. Streaming playlists are yet another key player for promotional goals.
Submission in big branded playlists is not available, but there exist a big number of those generated by users which will help you succeed and attract attention of other curators. So you need to spot those playlists and contact responsible persons.


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5. Engaging social presence

It's crucial to be active across different social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook to name a few. Keep your social media username the same across different platforms to make it easier for your fans to find your account on any platform.
Active online appearance on the Internet is an important part of fan engagement. You should always remember that as a creator you have fans that are eager to know you.
Analyze your advancement by asking, "What does this say about my songs?" The reply will aid you adopt wise decisions on what to confirm, and what to reject.

6. Create engaging videos

An engaging, unique video has a great chance to become very popular online, even if your song is not a hit. Do not fear to be creative and original when you make a video clip for your brand-new release.
Remember about OK GO and Childish Gambino that have broken out thanks to their videos. They had a unique, intriguing, memorable theme.
It's okay if you want to publish a standard video or visuals based on your live performance. But keep in mind that if you approach this business responsibly, it can bring huge benefits.

7. Try to find collaborations

Collaborations with colleagues are influential when getting your songs and brand out there. Try finding artists that perform in your (or similar, close one) genre. It is another method of how to market music.
Double-check that they have a large following and sufficient number of plays on Spotify. See if they've already worked together with other artists. If you can collaborate with them on a track and your name will be included in the list of artists, that will increase your fan base on Spotify. However, do not contact them until your social media accounts are all set and ready and until you have high-quality music to showcase your skills. You can only pitch once on Spotify, so make sure your brand looks strong. 


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8. Focus on your niche

It makes difference how to market your songs. One can find music subcultures anywhere, some of them are substantial, some dedicated and not big. Exploiting a suitable niche is crucial for promo campaign success.
Obviously, if you have a metal band, find a metal community to join, perform at metal concerts, and connect with those who love this type of music.
Genre may not always identify a niche. If your genre is popular in your local area, start there. Fans are usually excited to hear a well-known local musician.
Grow your local fan base before you are ready to grow your presence across the country or across the world. 

9. Often make memorable live performances

Tours and concerts are an extremely useful path to establish friendly relations with supporters of your creation. Attend close venues, perform for locals, and you'll gather new loyal audience. You should stand out from the crowd of other artists, so be noteworthy.
After building up a local group of supporters, you can continue on your journey, conquering new music tops. It's tough work, but in case you've got an exclusive live performance, the winnings will be motivating.

10. Double-check everything before signing it

Research the label before signing a contract! You should trust yourself and the people closest to you. After all your music is the product of your creativity, so the more you can do yourself the better. If a label offers you a contract, consult an attorney and pay attention to smallest details. Be careful with people you haven't met in person before hitting that 1 million streams milestone. Unless you're Billie Eilish, seriously consider whether you need a label and whether it is compatible with your business plan. 



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