mixing edm songs loudYou can hardly find another aspect of mixing and mastering service in any of contemporary musical forms which is more controversial and much livelier discussed than loudness that you need to get at the output. By all means, everyone has right to his own opinion, and my personal attitude to maximizing of track loudness at mixing services isn’t an absolute rule or an example for imitation. Nevertheless, a loud, deafening track crushed to a complete loss of dynamics is far from being bound to success with both listeners and record labels. However, if your goal is the loudest track in the world, I’d advise you to listen out to some tips before getting down to work.
1. Loudness is set at the stage of arrangement
loud online edm mixingWhen you get down to composition, you should already understand nuances of processing which it’ll have to undergo – first at production stage and then in mixing engineer’s hands. The more dense and saturated with synthesized lines the arrangement is, the more difficult it’ll be for you to make it sound really loud without any audible distortions. No wonder, the more elements there are in the arrangement, the more difficult it’ll be to find a space for each of them in an oversqueezed track. The conclusion is forced upon you; keep arranging using your head and realizing that you can get really considerable loudness from minimalistic arrangement much easier. Personally, I’m strongly convinced that exactly musicality as well as an innovative approach in particular must be of utmost importance. But if you are all out for exactly the most powerful sound, pay attention to production. It has to be smooth and careful what will finally release you from criticism about the quality of the sound. I'll be more than happy with making your music shine - please learn my pro online mixing services pricing.