mixing mastering edm loud2. Get bass sounds a bit brighter!
You should realize that apart from purely physical aspects of receiving loud EDM track from best mixing and mastering services, there are also physiological ones – more specifically, peculiarities of human hearing. We are not going to get into nuances now, they have been written fairly much and in details about. For your reference: seek the information on the Fletcher-Munson curves. So, the rule is the following – the more general sound of the tune is focused on the lower part of the spectrum (as well as due to the mixing geared to much lower, dull sounds), the lower its subjectively perceptible loudness will be. Keep in mind that our ear is the most sensitive to high-mid frequencies. Thus mixing studio you cooperate with must enhance global brightness of a song at the stage of processing. As the result, you have subjectively considerably much higher loudness with earlier indexes of a loudness analyzer! Although I’m personally a follower of natural deep sounds of bass and kick, you should do all just in the opposite way to implement our idea. Saturation, distortion, excitation of extra upper harmonics with exciters and emulation of vintage color equalizers will suit.
edm music loud mixing services3. Sidechain is never too much.
Sidechain technique is well-known in all studios - not only related to electronic music services. To see this technique in action please check our mixing mastering services demos. This method is becoming not only a creative technique, but also a way to solve strictly technical problems when you are coping with the task to make your song bring about walls trembling. As a matter of fact, the more the sound of all the elements of a mix is being ducked by kick, the less sound content hit a limiter along with it during loud mastering. Work at your tune for the purpose of a sidechain – by increasing gain reduction of sidechained compressor you give more space for maximizing later on.