reverberation in online mixing mastering“What is the right way to adjust a reverberator?” is the question to which engineer quite often have to reply. The only right answer is that there aren’t any precise rules so that’s your choice how to adjust. You can define only approaches and techniques to achieve the desired result faster and more effectively. For instance, we need to add some movement, eurhythmy as well as put a mix into a certain place.

There’s an old technique to adjust a reverberator. It’s often used by engineers of mixing and mastering hip hop beats but is not familiar to everyone although it’s as old as the invention of a reverberator. This method involves picking parameters of reverberation based on the interaction of processing with snare.

  • the use of reverberation in digital music mixingleave snare solo;
  • mix a lot of reverb;
  • listen how the reverberator is working and adjust the length of the tail to rock the rhythm.

The tail is usually over by the following kick of snare. In fact, it’s not important as we don’t need just numbers but we need the impression made on a listener by processing. That’s why in most cases it’s useless to calculate timing in milliseconds, it’s necessary to listen. The purpose of a music mixing is to make interesting coloration of the sound and the space into which it has been placed. The snare as an instrument with quite a compact and saturated sound is exactly suitable as atemplate for our manipulations with a reverb. After such adjustment you can already be sure that the reverb is not on for no special reason but it is working rhythmically and interesting on all instruments including vocals. Mix to your taste. If you're interested in to get your songs professionally polished please check our audio mixing mastering services prices.