rap mixingIt often happens in Rap and Hip Hop music mixing that engineer needs to mix vocals with the beat prepared in advance. The situation is specific as the instrumentals have already been processed beforehand and even maximized what according to the mixing canons, let’s say, isn’t very good and even incorrect. But there is such a situation on the market. However, experienced Rap and Hip Hop music mastering services engineers know how to achieve the sound quality against this background, and I guess it will be helpful to adopt their best practices for everyone.

Let’s start with beat

So, as already noted, beat is frequently aggressively compressed and maximized to the bitter end. If you start mixing with a simple studio hip-hop mixingsearch for a voice balance with it, as it usually happens, more than likely, you won’t get anything good; there isn’t place for voice left and it can’t be put into the track. Besides, summary signal of vocals and beat will keep clipping. That is why the first and simplest step recommended by experienced Rap music mixing engineers is to reduce loudness of the instrumental track. It’s quite simple, right? But thereby you will lay some space for further processing in hip hop mixing and mastering services including dynamic one without assuming digital clipping of the final track. I’d like to specify the following characteristic in the work on mixing such projects – the stronger the source beat has been maximized, the quieter the finished song will be. These are acoustics laws – over-extreme limit digit loudness is caused by squeezing the natural dynamics of the track which is impossible to return any longer. So the louder the backing track delivered to the studio for mixing is, the quieter Rap song will be.