Rap music online mixing servicesClear a place for vocals

In contrast to the practice spread in standard cases, while mixing vocals with a backing track (beat), the clearing of a place for a voice by no means starts with an equalizer. In fact, the beat has already been compressed hard, and all natural transients have plainly cut off with a limiter – the Rap music mixing engineer will never put the vocals at their place without affecting their dynamic characteristics. You’d better at once brighten up the instrumental dynamics with transient designer a little (an expander will also do – each Hip-Hop mixing services engineer has his own preferences). This processing will restore cutoff transients a little, and the vocals will stop sticking out above the flattened beat. What is more, this technique isn’t perfect for all use cases, and sometimes there aren’t just any transients to restore, then mixing moves to production area. You can program drums (kick, snare and, possible, hat will do) above those which you already have and blend just enough to add some live transients to the track if the previous method hasn’t worked out.

Hip-Hop music mixing masteringIn order to boost the feeling of placement of the vocals into the backing track, professional Hip Hop mastering engineers often apply Mid-Side processing – they level up Side element of the track against loudness a little. Plugin Waves Center is very convenient, but any device in the professional online Hip Hop music mixing mastering studio which works in the mode M-S will do as well. We just need to level up the loudness of Side channel by 0,5–1,3 dB, but the knowledge of this technique is also a mixing  element. Such a simple manipulation will give a larger support to the vocals in the space, improve stereo field filling of the future song and secure the Hip-Hopengineer against plenty of unnecessary body movements which won’t still and all have the effect you need.