mastering Hip Hop musicThe equalizer is last of all

And only when track dynamics has been restored, the beat stereo field has been optimized, but the vocals aren’t willing to be comfortably set on music, the professional Hip-Hop online mixing and mastering audio services engineer can get down to the equalizer in order to clear the space for the voice much better. The beat equalization in this situation should reach a compromise as the sounding of the source instrumental has already been balanced by another engineer, and any drastic intervention will just destroy it. During cheap mixing and mastering services vocals to a beat the very first candidate for equalization will be snare, as a rule, quite saturated with harmonics which overlap with the voice spectrum. But another instrument can cause the conflict as well. Hip-Hop mixing engineers recommend equalizing, first of all, Mid-channel as the voice is located exactly in the center. For this purpose, you can leave the previous sounding of the Side-channel. In Hip-Hop professional mixing services, an excellent compromise will be the use of a dynamic equalizer controlled by the voice track against the Side channel. It works out only when the vocals sound.

Hip Hop music mixingThe vocals

Only after all the manipulations described above the engineer can get down to vocal processing. You should cut off low-end element of the vocal track, its coloration is built up with saturation and an equalizer. The most important element of vocal professional mixing is its compression as the beat has already been utterly compressed, and anyway the Hip-Hop professional online mastering engineer won’t achieve harmonious sounding of the voice and music without appropriate compression. The parallel compression will help here (alongside the compressor put into insert of the vocal track). It will add density to sounding without any loss of natural dynamics