the use of panorama at audio mixingstudioThe main rule of panning
While building a panoramic music pattern, try to follow the rules given below. The instruments that mostly sound in the low register should be placed closer to the center, high register instruments belong to the “sides”, and the instruments of mid-frequency range should be placed between the center and the “sides”, depending on their pitch (the lower is the pitch, the closer to the center the instrument is put).
Of course, you can ignore this rule, but the result can be surprisingly unpleasant. The engineers of mixing mastering service invented this rule for a reason, as it takes into account the physical characteristics of the sound and acoustic systems as well as the specific features of the human ear. Long waves (low frequencies) possess a large amount of energy compared to the short waves (high frequencies). They can cover long distances and easily go through walls, fences and other similar obstacles without fading after reflection.
panorama in song mixing onlineHere we come to two conclusions, which are recommended for all studios:
1. The energetic base of the composition is comprised of low-frequency sounds
2. It’s pretty hard to localize the source of low frequencies in space.
Therefore, when shifting the bass you will face a disbalance and a lack of energy in one of the channels, which will lead to a loss of the tonal characteristic. And it still won’t help to localize the sound in the panorama, because our ear doesn’t have the ability to clearly identify the source of low frequencies in space.
That’s why it’s recommended to all studio engineers to follow on the rule mentioned above. The space near the center should be occupied by low frequency arpeggiators and sequences, lower back vocal parts and any other filling instruments of low registers.
Conversely, string parts, high frequency sequences, high wind instruments, high frequency percussion and other filling instruments with high register parts should be positioned further from the center. For more details please hear for yourself our before and after demos.