music mastering studio tipsKeep control of the drums

Mistakes in balancing the drums (which are mostly typical for kick drums) can also be fixed by compression at mixing songs online. If the sound of drums breaks out of the main song pattern, then compression with a short attack will push it back a little (in this case the release time is adjusted depending on the situation and can be both fast and slow). And again, the reverse process is possible if there’s not enough kick in the mix. In this case, the compressor is adjusted to maintain a long attack time, so the snap (the peak part of the bass drum) isn’t affected by the compression. Mixing studios often use multiband compressors for fine-tuning the parameters. They help to apply compression to a certain frequency range, without influencing the neighboring ones.

professional online mastering advicesLeave a margin

Always, I repeat, always leave a margin of at least 0,2dB (I prefer even 0,3dB) at the maximizer/limiter output. This rule becomes especially important if you are planning to convert the finalized song into an mp3 file (and nowadays it happens very often). This will prevent clipping of the final track. All of the EKmixmaster mixing studio demos are made so. This is particularly true for most of the electronic dance music genres, where fat sub bass and kick sound are prevalent. During mp3 conversion, if the headroom is small, these components will inevitably cause clipping. Such styles as trance and EDM require a larger volume margin on the master bus (up to 1,3-1,5 dB). Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the criticism of unsatisfied clients, as they will be irritated by the horrible quality of the sound full of distortions.