Sound Insulation in online mixing and mastering music servicesIf you’re going to open up your own recording and mixing and mastering services online keep in mind the importance of providing sound insulation in it.
It’s sound insulation that finally would help you to get a high quality musical product.
However, not all the people related to the music makers could even explain you the need for it.
Well, let’s try to look into the meanings of the following terms: sound insulation (or «soundproofing») and sound absorption. Firstly, they are not the same: neither synonymous nor interchangeable.
Sound insulation is the process of reducing the energy of the sound waves. It means using damping structures such as sound baffles, what makes possible to reduce sound leakage to/from adjacent rooms.
Sound absorption involves interior finishing of the walls with absorbing sound wave materials.
Sound insulation keeps the sound waves into the room.
Sound absorption prevents the sound reflection from the room walls.
After all, what is the most important?
Sound Insulation in audio mixing and mastering servicesThe process of sound absorption becomes critical in a recording studio, because the absence of it results in unwanted background noise while recording. That is why the studio should be provided for it at a good level. That’s simple: high level sound absorption provides high level quality of the sound.
Nevertheless, the role of the sound insulation should not be underestimated.
The task is to reduce sound leakage mainly from outdoors.
Remember that any external noise, especially the road one can be heard on your rec. 

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