how to make mixes wider at music studiosThese entirely simple tips will allow you to achieve a lot larger width while mixing and mastering services in comparison with common instrument panning in a project. However, before you get absorbed in mix width elaboration, you should clearly understand whether you need such manipulations exactly in your mix.
Rash widening of some elements can plainly damp all the rest so make sure that basic track parts such as vocal, synth hooks and others keep playing a crucial role in composition.
Here, we’ll take a look at ten instruments and techniques which will help you out with generating width from mono sources and even with enhancing available stereo sounds.
how to make mixes wider at mixing and mastering services  1. Stereo enhancers
These processors provided in the widest range use different tricks to enhance width of a signal. Some of them manipulate with a phase and a delay; others do it with pitch shifting of channels, mixing short reverberation and so on. Consequently, plugins from various producers slightly differ in sound. As far as possible, try out some different processors to understand which of them is much better suited exactly to your material. 

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