how to make mixing mastering wider8. Equalization differences in right and left channels
If the previous techniques seem too drastic for your case, there is a lot more subtle way to give width to a mix – L/R equalization. Like in the previous technique our purpose is to boost tonal contrast between sides at online mixing music. As most equalizers support L/R equalization mode, grab your DAW stock EQ on the track and decrease some frequencies in the right channel, but boost the same ones in the left channel. 

9. Microshifting
It’s sufficient to create the difference in channels through slight pitch shifting one of them to receive splendid stereo sounding from dull mono. This effect is perfectly implemented in Waves Doubler and has a number of fairly useful settings. If you don’t have anything like that, just create two extra copies of a mono instrument, which you are willing to widen, and pan them to the left and right to the max leaving the original in the center. Now lower the pitch of the left channel slightly and, correspondingly, raise that of the right (it goes without saying, how to make songs wider on online audio mixing and mastering servicesonly a few cent), the sound will literally fill the entire stereo space of song mixed.
10. Layering mono and stereo signal
If the original sound is not wide enough, and the dramatic interference in its settings contradicts your idea, layer it then with another sound which is less noticeable in a mix, but is a lot wider. Try to blend a fat punchy mono snare with chorused snare sample. Or lay a wide and fat pad on a thin and bright lead. There are a lot of possibilities; the main thing is to keep on experimenting! 

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